Mango And Newest Android OS is Coming

If you are a smart mobile phone fans, this month you will have a lot of thing to expect.

Twelfth October, Google and Samsung will release the newest Android 4.0 and Nexus Prime.

IOS 5 will open for updating at the same day, and iphone 4S will be available to ship in 14th October.

26th October, Nokia Assembly will be held in London, Nokia’s Windows phone is expected to release at that day.

The most interesting thing is competition between Android 4.0 and IOS 5, But Google and Samsung just announced yesterday that Samsung Nexus prime will be release time later due to the dead of Steven Jobs, and which day will be the day to annouce Nexus prime is still unknown. Google and Samsung’s move is beyond expection, People are so interesting in when Andriod 4.0 will be released until the past few hour.

The Next Web have planned to released Android 4.0 in Twelfth October in Santiago. but now they change both time and location. Android 4.0 will be released in 27th October in London. Though Google change the time, People are so excited about the serious competition.

The 26th-27th Nokia Assembly is very important for Nokia, even Microsoft, Nokia’s sales volume,share price, maketing share have declined sharply since they gave up on Symbian and Meego system, and announced to depend on Windows mobile phone. Nokia can not afford another failure, they must make their Windows mobile phone success.

For Microsoft, it is the same. Ballmer admitted in BUILD conference that Windows mobile phone did not sell well, but he promised that the coming New Mango OS and Nokia Windows mobile phone will change the situation. If Nokia’s hardware design and resource, Microsoft’s impact on App developer, the updated Mango OS and the coming crazy advertising strategy can not change Windows phone’s sales volume, what we can say is that Microsoft should quit from mobile phone business.

In this way, Google and Samsung’s changing of the Android 4.0 release time and location is definitely on purpose. this will be a fiece competition. but we always say more fiece competition, more better for clients. let’s wait for these companies’ performance in their own mobile phone and OS.

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