Jupiter in Transformation Theory with Logical Explanation for Recent Flash Events

Jupiter in Transformation- Pre-Proposed Theory has the Logical Explanation for Recent Flash Events Before any of the recent supposed four “Jupiter Impacts” of the last three years were witnessed on Jupiter (including the latest on September 10, 2012), author J Edward Carper had warned that we should expect strange events on the planet as a result of NASA’s previous insertion of LWRHU’s (a nuclear-powered heating device that the Galileo spacecraft and probe carried many of). Carper’s theory allows these devices to penetrate very deeply, near 80-90% Jupiter radius, before fissioning and then causing a fusion reaction, sustained; this operating in the same way a nuclear implosion device works conventionally on Earth, but much more efficiently deep inside Jupiter at 30 million bars pressure.

Jupiter supplies a very even implosion pressure mechanism on the devices, plutonium-238 supplies a rapid volume change needed at the proper time during supercritical, and the delivery devices remain intact deep into Jupiter until the proper time based on the “equation of state” of the carbon casings in which the plutonium-238/239 pellets are carried and protected. Plutonium-238 and 239 are both fissionable (capable of sustained fission), and Galileo’s probe, called GAEP, delivered 15 Light-Weight Radio-isotopic Heater Units (LWRHU’s) intact behind a heat shield into Jupiter in 1995, and that is what makes this scenario possible. Since the time of the writing of Carper’s first articles starting in 2003 (a prelude to the book) there have been four supposed major and highly visible “impacts” that have not matched the signature of what we saw with the SL-9 impacts of 1994, or a signature that was even plausible given all of the parameters (a reminder that Shoemaker-Levy-9 comet impacts generated heat that was orders of magnitude LESS than what the proposed LWRHU fission/fusion reaction would generate). Carper’s theory contends that NONE of the last four said “impacts” of July 2009, June 2010, August 2010, and September 2012, are actually impacts, but really events generated from deep inside Jupiter as a result of a fission to fusion reaction in July of 2009 that has been consolidated to a very modest portion of the center of Jupiter, and whose 5-10 million Kelvin heat has been working its way outward since then to higher levels causing electrical disturbances on the way; these disturbances are what is causing the massive electrical discharges witness in the last three “impacts”, that are not “hits” or “impacts” but flashes of lightning of immense proportions as Jupiter is now forced to keep rebalancing itself electrically.

If they had read Carper’s account they would know that silica is also found at the center of Jupiter and incredibly some of it was being expelled to the top! Also note that the two imaged enormous flashes on Jupiter in 2010 were ANTIPODAL, that means “on direct opposite ends of the sphere and going through the exact center”; this when the locations are charted with respect to true internal Jupiter core rotation, known as “L3” longitude coordinates. With the Lucifer Project, what the flashes actually portend, especially the latest, is that indeed if such a fusion reaction were started, similar to the one in the Sun but much smaller and less intense, it is ongoing, sustained, and continues to develop and change Jupiter from the inside out!

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